2. Compiler UsageΒΆ

usage: aspidites [-h] [-pt ARGS] [-f] [-p] [-c] [--build-requires] [-v] [--annotate]
             [--annotate-coverage-xml ANNOTATE_COVERAGE_XML]
             [--buffer-max-dims BUFFER_MAX_DIMS] [--cache-builtins]
             [--cimport-from-pyx] [--clear-to-none]
             [--closure-freelist-size CLOSURE_FREELIST_SIZE] [--convert-range]
             [--docstrings] [--embed-pos-in-docstring] [--generate-cleanup-code]
             [--fast-fail] [--warning-errors] [--error-on-unknown-names]
             [--error-on-uninitialized] [--gcc-branch-hints]
             [--lookup-module-cpdef] [--embed EMBED]
             target outpyx

positional arguments:
  target                source to compile
  outpyx                filename to compile to

  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -pt ARGS, --pytest ARGS
                        run pytest with args
  -f, --force           forcibly overwrite existing files
  -p, --compile-pyc     compile to python bytecode
  -c, --compile-c       compile to C and run setup
  --build-requires      additional requirements needed to run setup (default: )
  -v, --verbose         increase output verbosity (default: 0) e.g. -v, -vv, -vvv

optional cython arguments:
  --annotate-coverage-xml ANNOTATE_COVERAGE_XML
  --buffer-max-dims BUFFER_MAX_DIMS
  --closure-freelist-size CLOSURE_FREELIST_SIZE
  --embed EMBED